The Tutorial

This marks the beginning of a new level of my life, lets call it the tutorial.Minecraft img

I have been a gamer since my early childhood.  My weekend routine was to play Spyro The Dragon on my PlayStation 2. Was I good at the game? Well, my 4 year old self liked to think that if I was having fun, then I was good. That’s how video games have always worked in my mind.

As a child I was used to playing indie PlayStation games because, lets face it, Sony has the best small indie games! Although I played a lot of random games, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro were my absolute favorites in my first few years of life on planet Earth.

Flash forward a couple years and I’m over at my best friends house building a huge farm in Minecraft. That best friend, she’s one of the reasons I really got into gaming in my current state. Minecraft was my first Xbox game ever, the platform which I currently play on now.

Show me your children’s games, and I will show you the next hundred years.              -Heather Chaplin & Aaron Ruby

A year after discovering that game, I began playing CoD Black Ops 2. When I got better at playing the game casually, I started to want a twist to the game- something that would challenge me. Along with my siblings, I started quickscoping. Drag scopes, no-scopes, black-scopes, you name it. Soon, I was being challenged to “1v1 me bro” (with the asker assuming I sucked) and ended up clutching it like crazy, winning almost every single challenge. This is where I really started learning about the gaming community.

My best friend and I had gaming dates a couple times a week if not everyday. We would game for 6-8 hours straight. Stopping only to eat and use the bathroom. Yup, we were obsessed. I have never felt such a way about any other game.

And now… well, you’ll just have to hang out and see my journey!